How to use Keya motor on a tractor that is not equipped with CANBUS

Greetings to all!
I have just received the Keya motor from china and after a short discussion with a representative from Jinan factory I found that the motor will only accept 232 and can and it can’t accept other signal.
When I ordered it i was thinking that i can supply the motor like a regular one using Cytron because my tractor is not autosteer ready and it is not equipped with can.
Has anyone tried to solve this problem?

Theres some custom firmware to download to the teensy like you would however you was trying to steer jt, you use that the can messages for the keya have already been decoded makes no odds if the tractor is canbus or not these motors will fit most tractors of all ages

Thanks! This should help.
Doni need to connect other cables from ampseal to the motor other than the ground, left and right?

Ive not seem the keya motor cable connector but im sure the wiring diagram is on the wiki but yes it all gets connected to the ampseal aswell

Which Keya motor type do you have? See the attached PDF.

Keya autopilot motor types.pdf (87.7 KB)