Hydraulic 3point linkage with autosteer board

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I create a new one because it is not link to green and yelow tractor !

I combinated autosteer and machine ino code, inject in Autosteer board to use the raise and lower fonctionality and connect the 3p or the Head Management System to do some automatic sequence with out extra board

Since 18month i already use it in V4 and V5 version in USB mode

now i do it similar with the UDP version and test it with 5.6.2

For both version you can find it in this git all files Release USB & UDP for Nano board · Entropiemaximun/Raise_and_lower_by_autosteer_board · GitHub

Just to understand some unuse pin in the pcb V2 or Kaupoi can be dedicated d2 d5 a1 a2 a3…
need to affect in the ino what do you want

To use it

you need to activate the menu

you need to create a field, a boundary, headland, line

head land, linkage, color line need to be activated

By safety this function work only if you are in guidance ( means steer activated )

example of video:

How to connect board to tractor switch ! JD exapmple

How to set and use!

Tractor with Head Management in reality


Just an upload of new version since Agopen GPS 5.7.x with the Ino 5.7.1 dedicated for nano board

Possible to add an infinite timing if we select 255 on timing available for both function


Hi @bricbric
I’m trying to update to ver. 5.7.2 USB and I’m using D5 to Lower.
In arduino I’m getting an error: D5 was not declared in this scope
Do you know what to do in arduino to get this to work?

sorry it is shorcut of explanation

For D5 or D2 pin need to use 5 or 2 on definition

for A1 OR A2 pin need to use A1 or A2

like this
for d2

#define Hyd_up 2

or A2

#define Hyd_up A2

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