Hydraulic Plumbing for Baraki Valve

Is anyone familiar with hydraulic fittings, JD in particular? I have a John Deere 7810 and have the @baraki valve w/load sense. I am trying to plumb into my jd system but the ports on the orbital are metric, adj. base. so no problem there. However the ports use the adapter, (number 3 pictured https://partscatalog.deere.com/jdrc/sidebyside/equipment/57337/referrer/navigation/pgId/379557769/callout/3) to go to a hard line, which is metric thread orfs. Im having trouble finding anything to fit. Has anyone else encountered this particular problem before?

This website shows drawing for the adapter.

The side in the orbitrol seems to be metric.

The other side is ORFS which his tread is UNF, not metric.
ORFS is what JD use the most.
Should be relatively easy to find in local hydraulic stores.

I don’t know what type of nipples you got the baraki valve block, just remember you can change them to whatever fit your tractor hoses.

I changed those out to JIC, so no problem on that end.

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