Hydraulic steering CCLS

In the next months I want to build autosteering for two tractors (JD 6120R, Steyr CVT 6180). Both not prepared for autosteering and both with load sensing - steering orbitrol with 5 pipes. I really like the idea to use a hydraulic valve and not have any kind of steering motor in the cabin.
In the wiki (http://agopengps.gh-ortner.com/doku.php?id=hydraulic_steering:start) there are some nice pictures and explanations, but some questions are left…
There is also a link to this hydraulic valve:
Hydraforce | SP10-57C Spool, 5-Way, 3-Position . . . | Proportional Directional Valves, 5-Way Energy Absorption
The price seems quite affordable for an hydraulik valve. But I’m not sure about the right configuration on that site (Porting). Also the shipping is estimated for 112 days as there is none in stock…
Has anyone experience with this valve? Is there anything I have to take special attention to? How do I connect it to the motor controller (IBT-2 I think)? Is there maybe a better alternative? A lot of topics in this forum about hydraulic steering are in french wich I do not understand (I’m German).
Thanks Tim

Currently putting together my setup using this valve, can use the same Cytron motor controller, ground one side of each coil, and connect the other to each output…

Will take some photos of my setup / give more detail once I have it up and running.

Several other members already using this valve with success though so im sure they will be along soon!

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