Hydraulic steering valve

I have with help of many people been using my agopen wich took some time to finish i am using a electric motor but would like to go hydraulic now . Is there any one who has purchased a valve and installed it them self ive done some reading but just dont seem to end up in the right place hydraforce sp10-57c im not sure is there any vidio on this subject or how to i have jd tractors live in australia
thanks chris

Hello i have developed my own manifold for this option. But we seams to have some issue with the steering is very sensitive on the Line.

Does any expert know what could be wrong with our manifold. The manifold is used on a MF 7499 with open center load sensing. Load sensing is dynamic.

We use a 3/2 electric valve instead of the pilot steering 3/2 valve. To shift between ls from autosteer or orbitrol.

This is the parts we use

I hope to get some Advice :star_struck:

Just order a baraki valve. They work perfect and not expensive.

Yes But now we have paid a Company to develop our manifold. But it seams to work, but it has some periodical failure. Then suddenly the autosteering drives in s curves

@baraki could you have a look

Thanks for your reply i am thinking that i will order the Baraki made valve as evey one thinks its the best way to go

Do that he has a lot of knowledge about it :+1::+1:

I believe your valve work ok, but have another check on look ahead, as well as min/low settings.
These settings can end up in S curves if not set well.

We found the issue. The system sents garbage NEMA strings.

I dont know why But we Will try to figure it out :+1::+1:

In the picture below the system has sent 850 equal NEMA strings.

The schematic looks good. I do it in a similar way, to judge the effect I would have to see it at work.