Hydraulic valve choices

I am in the process of putting agopengps on a john deere 7530, I am looking at doing it hydrauliclly and hoping to have it going for spring sowing. I was ideally looking at a hydraforce Sp10-57c but i’ve been told its a 35 week lead time. Is there any other similar options or am i aswell just waiting?

Check @baraki 's valves, it’s the best price/performance ratio in my opinion, especially if you are in Europa. They are ready with safety and all in one assembly.
I don’t know his lead time.

It’s based on Cetop valves I think.

If you buy a hydraforce you probably will need to add several other components.

You can build/order complete assemblies like Danfoss PVG but it will be 2-3 times the price.
@nut had a nice setup.

Yes, you can order from me. I ship within 1-2 days, within a week you should have the valve at your place.

I was hoping the hydraforce valve would be as simple as supplying it with P, T and Ls then just T ing into the 2 steering lines. @baraki how does your valve plum in to a 7530

If his has all the safety features it more than likely has a P, T, Ls, L, R, LIn, RIn ports

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