Hz setting?

Hello, I’m just beginning to try to understand how the programs communicate and are set up.
I have ardusimple f9p antenna, it is updated to firmware 1.13 and communicating to Ucenter and AOG version 6.1.0. I think I have set to only communicate gga and vtg in Ucenter, as I believe I have understood from posts I have found.
I am not sure how to set, or check what hertz I am running. I am questionable because my RTK float age is often low, but many times climbs to 40 or so.
I have attached a picture to show a hz reading on AOG.
Thanks for your help

The hz is definitely too low. Needs to be around 10.
You can try using the config-O-Matic.

I had the same problem, getting only about 1hz out of the f9p. Didn’t seem to affect rtk age though. Made movements on the map really jumpy. Re-uploaded the config file and it fixed it. I don’t know off the top of my head how to change the setting directly in ucenter.

Thanks for the link. Once I reconfigure the F9p using ConfigOMatic, do I still use Ucenter to communicate with AOG?

No. You should not have ucenter running at the same time. Agio takes care of the communication

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Thanks. I will try this