I am new at AOG. Some error occurred

When I make changes in FormGPS, the following error happened in runtime. see it below figure


How do I can load an instance of the vehicle?

Hm not sure what you want to do?
But when you say you are new to AOG it might be the following you look for.
Settings can be done inside AOG after starting the program.
you can find more in this forum by inputting these 4 letters in the search field at top right: wiki
one of them is this: Operations/Getting Started - AgOpenGPS

I want to add CAN configuration into toolStripDropDownButton2.

But it gave me error.

Probably did… Is the plan to write an entire CanBus interface for AgOpenGPS?

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Yes. If we are a success, all of the sensors data will be coming from ECU via CAN.


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