I’d like to talk with someone with experience at all this

First of all thanks to all who have been working at open sourcing this GPS system.
I’m interested in info regarding what kind of time investment I’m committing to if I go this route, in order to get everything set up and functional, As well as understanding the different parts software and hardware needed, and how it will fit the applications I’m looking for

Ideally I’d like to talk to somebody if possible. Wondering if there’s anyone available to connect with about all this?

Which region/time zone/country are you from? Perhaps another forum member lives near by.

EDIT: should have read your profile for location info. Hopefully all potential helping members did read it.

Im in NE kansas. I can chat with you but im not really very close. What kind of equipment are you running. What are the implement you want to setup with row shuttoffs etc. :slightly_smiling_face: