I keep blowing the WAS

Has anyone else had this happen or have any tips?

Had what happen?

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Wheel angle sensor blow for no apparent reason

Can you still be more specific? Do you mean burnt out or a bad connection or just stop working?

  • 5V stable?
  • Wiring ok (star connection - no loops!)?
  • Plugs ok?
  • Cable not broken? Not shorted or whatever?
  • Sensor cable does not follow high-current lines like starter or generator?
  • 5V supply current for WAS as specified in the manual?

If you can anwer all with “yes”, here are some hints to avoid this again:

  • Add a capacitor (e. g. 100µF) and a 5V1 suppressor diode near to the sensor (both between 5V and 0V - mind the polarity!!)
  • Add 2 Schottky diodes from the analog signal to both supply lines (again, mind the polarity of both!)

Just stop working

One thing I will say is I dont have any of the capacitors in the pcb could that cause damage?

None of the voltage regulator stabilization capacitors?!?

Maybe… But your setup is still a miracle to us, so focused help isn’t possible…

Yeah… hangs head

It worked for a year that way

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Best thread ever!

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