I need a AOG icon in uncompressed BMP format for a display

I am developing a section control box with a built in rate controller and a LCD graphic display. For the section control startup screen, I would like to display the AOG icon, but it needs to be an uncompressed BMP format. Can anyone help me out?

The software to convert the BMP to hex code is https://www.lcd-module.com/fileadmin/downloads/startdog_v46.zip The main page for the display I am using is Chip-On-Glass DOG Displays from DISPLAY VISIONS, Display Visions

This is the section control box


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What image size do you need? Grayscale or color?

The display is a 128x64 pixel. It’s a black/yellow display, so grayscale is fine.

AOG.zip.txt (2,3 KB)

Remove .txt and try it. It’s 64*64 px, if you need i can change :wink:

It doesn’t error with compressed image anymore, but now the software says the file isn’t monochrome. It sure looks monochrome to me…

If I may ask, what software are you using?

If it helps, here’s a pic of the display with some text.

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Done…it needs 1 bit resolution

AOG2D.zip.txt (1,9 KB)

What a go-around this is. The software is now complaining it is more than 128x64 dots.

Just resize to 128x64?

The software then complains it’s no longer a monochrome picture.

AOG3.zip.txt (507 Bytes)


It’s finally loading, now to create the hex code to send to the display. Thanks for all you did so far.

I used a 3.5" color screen sitting on the Mega 2560, the graphic design and bmp file upload is very easy, there is a sd card slot on the back of the screen.

Here is the working display on the prototype. I ended up doing some touch up in the display software bitmap editor. Thanks again, everyone.