IBT2 problem

Hello together,

I have a problem with my IBT2.
My PCB2 is working fine but when i connect the IBT2 the fuse burns.
I have measured the resistance between GND/12V of the IBT2 clamp connection an It seems there is some connection. Is it correct?
Have connected like shown in the support files there B- clamp is 12V and B+ clamp is GND.
Is this correct? If i look for other IBT2 connection examples it is turned.
By the way, do you connect the 12V to the battery input or the 12V PCB2 output?

May somebody can help me.

Thanks in advance.

under ibt-2 is shown how to connect.
b- gnd
b + 12v
m + motor
m- motor
Some ibt -2 have reverse pins. There is a high probability that you have burnt the driver
12 v to the battery inpit.

Support files have an error in the ibt wiring diagram. + and gnd is the opposite of what is drawn in the diagram. Thats quite bad… :grimacing: