Idea for alternative autosteer

good morning everyone!
I have an idea about the Autosteer driving system, and I would like to present it to think about it together:
Generally they are divided into two systems: electric steering wheel control (electric motor of various kinds that rotates the steering wheel)
otherwise the electro-hydraulic valve system.
Obviously, those who have the tractor set up with the electro-hydraulic valve system are already in place !!!
In my case I have small vineyard tractors not designed to install these and with a reduced space in the cabin I thought of an alternative solution:
mount an additional orbitol parallel to the one already installed (obviously open center with the flow of oil passing in series and the outputs for the steering in parallel)
This orbitol will be driven by an electric motor directly, and can be mounted in any place that is convenient, having essentially 4 oil pipes and the engine control / power wires.
You would have the advantage of being able to intervene without problems on the steering and not clutter the cabin with motors and pulleys, not to mention that the cost would be relatively low !!!
Thanks and await comments.

Great minds think alike, I remember this post from a while back. Things move very fast on this forum, hopefully it helps.

I have AOG installed on a Deere 3038e which is a very small tractor and have had good luck with the electric motor and steering gears.

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yes this is the idea according to my experiences, if the two orbitols are open center and without reaction (I mean that they do not report the reaction effort on the steering wheel, as in the case of my tractors) the solenoid valves are not necessary to separate the circuits. When the second orbitol is stopped or simply disconnected electrically it is as if it were not there. So even simpler and cheaper! I want to try it in practice and ask for advice from those who have experience: for simplicity and compactness what do you recommend as a motor to be coupled to the second orbitol? I was thinking of the motor-wheel of a hoverboard so a direct brusless, but I don’t know if I have enough torque to drive the orbitol.

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I searched on the forum, there are already those who thought about it, sorry !!!
but I don’t understand if it works in practice !!!