Ideas for encoder off autoster

I was thinking about an easy-to-use and cheap encoder to disable the autoster.
I came up with an optical sensor that would detect white and black lines drawn on the steering shaft. Could it work with an analog sensor where the voltage increases or decreases depending on the degree of light reflection or would a digital sensor give a 0-1 signal?

I think you had the most elegant option, you seem to have pressure sensors installed in the hydraulic system. What’s wrong with them?

Yes you are right. The pressure sensors work well in this configuration.
However, I have tractors with a non-reactive orbitrol, then you do not need a 6-way valve and there is nowhere to give sensors.
So it would be nice to have a simple way to disable the Autostader with an encoder.

I ordered such a sensor, tomorrow I will have it. I will try to test your idea

so i got these sensors. when crossing the black bar, the output voltage changes from 0 to 5v. there was an idea to track the change through an interrupt and it works. Unfortunately, in arduino, the interrupt is only on pins 2 and 3, but the encoder button in the circuit is 7. I have an idea to collect everything on attiny13 and connect a relay that will close the turn steer button on the board. But perhaps there is an easier solution.20200812_214617_1


Something I’ve been wanting to try but never got round to, might be impossible:
Take the derivative of the WAS position over the last few hundred ms
Compare to valve actuation. If outside a certain range then disable autosteer.

For example, I yank on the wheel, causing valve actuation. As I continue to fight the valve, note that the D value will be near zero, while PWM will be significant.
Dividing one by the other would give a single number defining the steering effectiveness. Setting upper and lower bounds would catch users fighting the steering and also disengage if the is any problem causing the steering to work outside of bounds e.g. sticky valve, bad WAS, etc.


What if you build a system that will convert + 5v to GND and connect it to the V2 encoder input?