Image Planter

For those wondering if AOG will plant images, the answer is yes, with a hack. Still working the bugs out, but it is possible. It is planting where there is no green. I have the sections turned to red for contrasting colors. Planning and planting corn mazes is now possible.

Or planting you nations flag.

Or maybe your thing is crop circles:

Or in support of your favorite “President.”



@KentStuff small question did you try oposite way to catch one or more analog signal frome ADS or Analog port and make a color map according value sensor ?

I have before. Mapped color based on sprayer pressure.


Any chance to get again to add somme yield sensor or whatever sensor and make mapping ?

I’ll dig it back up and see if we can get it updated to the latest version. Each section took a reading from the arduino Pins 1,2,3 (I think) and the voltage was mapped based on the reading.

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Reversed image? Yes, it will do that as well.

This was the image loaded in the background.

I m interesting if you can redo it

Do you want it in the autosteer board or the machine board?

Are you using a custom pgn to send pressure data? I’m doing that just for display purposes so far, I display section pressure instead of section number along the bottom. I’d like to try your mod. Which version of AoG do you mod?

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I’ll mod the latest section control branch. Right now, busted the dish washer and have water all over the kitchen. So small delay in the AOG build.

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This is very cool, if a guy had a tiny air seeder with section control on every tip. Put blue grass in one tank, and rye grass in the second tank.

Print Plant semi permanent pictures in lawns.

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Hello thanks Kentstuff

basically i would like to say both

As argument machine board is better

Also in Agopen GPS if the menu can indicate a small calculation to adopt a rules according the sensor and some relation with the speed or not to do the color range

Let’s debate


I almost made all the changes last night. But running a test run, I must have changed something I should not have. The sections were hard to turn on, an once they were on, they would not shut off. Couldn’t find the mistake. Starting over.

I am putting it in the autosteer board first. I believe you will need to pick where to pull the data from. I’ll start with a range of values, then work on settings.

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Thanks a lot

sorry yesterday i sleep