Imperial units, but speed is still in kph? How to set mph

Must be stupid, but just can’t find it in the manual or anywhere in the settings. Speed still in kph even though units are set to imperial in settings.

Used Google and search here on the forums but couldn’t find it.

That is the only setting, units to imperial. There is no other setting for mph. It should show mph when units are set to imperial.

Can you close and restart the program? You might have to delete the app data folder.

Will I lose all settings if I delete the data folder? And what’s the exact location of that.

You will lose all settings, keep a copy of it. If clearing that works then you know your data is messing it up. user dir-> appdata → local → AgOpenGPS
There will be folder in there for each version that your run on that computer.

Can I just edit this setting by hand in some file somewhere?

Bump, I’d like to know what I can edit in this settings XML looking file to change speed units to MPH. Deleting the settings file didn’t fix anything.

Also, clicking on the tractor it says “drive at least 1.5 kph” even though it’s set to imperial 1 mph in settings. Offset is also in metric units.

Version 5.6.2

Will be noted and fixed in the new release