Implement displaced when i connect the aruduino steering module

Hello, when I connect the steering module in a Dell Venue 11 with Windows 81, the implement moves to one side. If I change my computer everything goes perfectly.
I have already deleted and reinstalled Agopengps different versions currently 5.72
Any idea to fix it?

you can see a video here

Thank you

It looks like your IMU is not parallel to your tractor.

Here, I’m in simulator mode if I put other computer I haven’t any problems, it’s a problem only with this computer I reinstalled but the problem continue

What angle is your WAS sending? Try moving it to the middle position.

The was isn’t connected in the video but when it’s connected I have the same problem but if I do it with other computer with the same agopengps configuration I have no problems

Was is not st same state in your video’s. So one of them are constantly trying to steer towards the line, and the implement must then be on it’s way to the line all the time as well.
Set was correct! Or maybe reset steering in SIM to zero

Delete all the folders in your C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\AgOpenGPS folder and restart it.

ok thanks, i do it. ill test in tractor as soon as possible

the problem persist i´ll format my computer because i tested with others and i have no problem

after install a new windows 10 … i havent any problens. it works very well