Implement line recording for corn cleaning

Hi everyone
so my dad recently found out about John Deere’s autopath, where there is an antenna placed on the planter or the fertilizer spreader witch then records the exact path and can then be used for other equipment like a row cultivator, i guess it’s called. So anyway because we’re organic we need to clean in between the rows, or at least we try to :sweat_smile:, but then he had this great idea witch in all honesty gave me a bit of a headache but I’m sure it could be very useful.

We’ve experimented in the past with placing slurry between the rows of corn with some varying results but that has mostly been because of the lack of weed control😅

The problem was that we couldn’t do anything about the weeds that were in the corn rows, And when the contractor came with his camera row cultivator it got confused and yeah… We were missing quite a few rows that year. Bad planning and to much to did also have an effect so maybe we weren’t quick enough.

His idea was that the slurry is placed with gps by a vervaet witch is owned by a contractor, that gps line is then sent to a tractor that follows those line with the corn planter, on the corn planter we will place a gps antenna and record the passes that he makes, and then we can use the lines that we record and use on the tractor and a row cultivator with sideshift to get in between the rows.

If that didn’t either confuse you or at least get you to raise your eyebrows you should get his email :grin:

The reason as to why he thought of this is because we can’t really start to cultivate until the corn has come up so we can see where to steere, so if there was a way for us to do a blind pass without tearing up every single row because we would need to be about 5cm from each row.
One thing’s for sure, it would give us a huge advantage over those pesky weeds.

So heres where I’m gonna need some help if this idea is gonna come to life.

I’ve read about others who were having the same ideas and but haven’t seen anyone who has finished it.

-what would be the best way to record the planter passes, ab lines for every pass or could it be done with a recorded path for the entire field, headlands would be the worst i guess

-i think the easiest way will be with 2 systems that run separately so one for the tractor and one for the cultivator, but don’t know how the cultivator will act since the heading wouldn’t match up with steering angle and the way the antenna is moving?

-i think a linear position sensor would be the easiest way to create a was signal from the cultivator, but is easier better?

I think this idea would be very suitable for other organic farmers that don’t have tool stering on the planter but still wan’t a clean field

Any input would be greatly appreciated since there are a lot of smart people here and I’m sure something could be figured out.
Best regards Bjarke

Linear or rotary hall sensor (WAS) give same result. Thyregod row cultivator with camera use rotary hall sensor, to measure sideshift position.

If you would try GPS controlled cultivator you absolutely need recorded path(by seeder/planter) ALL the way.
Tractor ab line is not enough I know by experience, this year.

My plan for next season is to make a autosteer system that use the WAS signal from cultivator as ads1115 low and tractor WAS at ads high. Using differential in AOG. Hoping that AOG (Perhaps in SIM mode) can adjust steering the neccessary few degree, after tractor is set on track manually.
So at the end camera also keep tractor in the row.