Import drive path KML

Is there a way to import a “path” created in google earth? For a test I’ve created a straight line. I can’t find any reference with search.

Hi Ray.

For now it’s not possible to import a single line.
You can make a boundary in google earth and import that in AoG. With touch lines you can create an AB line from a boundary side. It will do the trick but it’s not that handy. We take this up in development if it can be added

Thanks for the info, Richard.

I built a draw path hack about a year ago. Trouble with Google Earth, is that it can be way off. I drew mine in what is now the ABLine pick form as mentioned above. I imported a background from Google then drew on that. I simply broke the new line into smaller segments, set the speed to a default and then added these points to record path. You can turn sharper in draw than AOG can drive. So you have to decide if you want to drive point to point, or line to line. All this was done in the simulator, not in real life. But was able to drive the u-turn line offsetting to the inside a few times, then drive a picked ABLine path to finish the field and then park where I wanted to.

I found that post in the combine forum.

I remember following that discussion. It’s one of those deals that can solve problems and also create them. I can see where it might create more questions than it’s worth.