Importing Colour Data into SMS Basic or QGIS

I was wondering if anyone has successfully been able to import the colour data from Sections.txt into SMS Basic or QGIS? If so could you explain how you did it?

I’d love to be able to use the colour painting function to keep track of different seeding/spraying loads, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to import that data into any of the management software I use.

Is that same data stored in the ISOXML files? I’ve tried importing it as well, with no luck.

I believe you can import the Field.kml into QGIS, it contains all the data of the field.

Not sure about SMS, but the last time I used it I remember it was quite powerful so importing the same KML should be no issue.

I’m doing the same now until I can look into other solutions. I just make a copy of the Field.kml and put it in a backup directory with a date and description.

Importing the KML into either software is no problem, and will show the coverage area. What I’m interested though is the colour differentiation of sections. From what I understand:

Sections.txt will take the starting location coordinates (StartFix) from Field.txt and reference it’s latitude/longitude data off that number. It will also give 2 headers of information: a number and an RGB (red green blue) value. You can change the RGB value in AgOpenGPS by the changing the paint colour on the screen. This could allow me to keep track of loads like different seed variety or fertilizer trials within the same job. However because Sections.txt references StartFix instead of displaying Lat/Long directly I can’t import that data.

Field.KML also contains some colour data, under , but the number of different colours under exceeds the number of coloured sections I made in a given field, so I’m not sure what I’m looking at.

Why don’t you tell chatGPT to make a function in Excel to replace the values ​​with the LAT/LONG that you want and that’s it, you will have the file with the format you want, if you have the necessary data.