Impossible to change language


I have an issue with languages in AOG software v5.1.5: It is impossible for me to switch to French or any other language. I get a pop-up “Program will exit please restart”, and then when I restart it is still English…
I tried to re-download the software several times without results.
Several people are using my tablet, and it would be more convenient for us to use the different provided languages…
Does someone has an idea on the problem?

Thank you

I can´t change languages either

To switch to French on 5.1. you must :

  • Close AOG
  • Open the file Agopengps.exe.config (located in the install folder) in a text editor and replace “en” by “fr” around line 330
  • Save and open AOG
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It works!

I don’t understand why it is not working directly with the software settings, like it is on my desktop computer, but anyway that will be fine with this solution.

Thank you again for your help.

Somthing went wrong in one of the updates, but the language change does work in the newest version Brian made 22 hours ago