IMU and mounting the brain board configuration help

Hello everyone, I made sort of a mistake, and now i’m wondering how big it is/if there is a software fix before completely redoing my set up in the tractor. I made a custom wire harness and spent that last 4 days fishing wires/installing everything into my 6230P, I thought right below the radio would be a clean install location, photos attached. After getting everything together and getting ready to test it, it occurred to me the brain box was supposed to be installed facing a certain direction. I checked my install and it is pretty level with the tractor, but I have the IMU facing the driver side door rather than the front of the machine, and technically the board is flipped upside down. How big of an issue do I have? Is there a way to configure the IMU to work with the board mounted this way, or am I going to need to rotate/change the way the board is installed. I already cut and drilled plastic so hopefully there is a software way to fix this. if not i guess option 2 is designing a custom 3d print that can allow the board to rotate and flip, but still mount to the same bolts i have in the radio holder. Of course i made this realization when I was all done. I went as far as even adding the power wires to the main fuse panel in the OEM autosteer fuse slots that were unused to make this a clean install, and missed this huge detail.

You could unplug the BNO from the PCB, hot glue or bolt it into the correct orientation, and then make the necessary connections with jumper wires. If you are comfortable soldering headers then I would unsolder all the headers involved and make the connection with wires soldered straight to the AIO pcb and the BNO pcb. You can use the already existing holes in the pcb to mount it with screws.

Worst case, move the AIO and your local car parts supplier should have an assortment of trim plugs in an aisle. If you plug a hole with one it kind of looks factory!


I think it could be done in AgOpenGPS: shiny side down: reverse roll, 90°: flip roll and tilt

Where would I find those settings, in the AOG program, or do i need to modify something in the teensy code?

Did you find any solution via software?

No i didn’t.

I designed a new box to put the board in to have it mounted in the right direction based on my install location.