Hello everybody!
I’m looking at Trimble WAS and I can’t see any mechanical connections with axle. So in my opinion it runs with some IMU and my idea is to use IMU brick as a angle sensor. We have BNO/CMPS and GNSS heading and mayby in some way use another IMU mounted on axle to have wheel direction? This topic is for tech guys, maybe someone just did this…

I recently been working on this.

Hope that next week I will be able to test it and come back with some good results.

Some testing that I done manully was promising.
Small errors of around 0.50°.

“My opinion” is that the Trimble sensor is a hall effect sensor like most WAS sensors used by forum members. Googling some Trimble sensors looks like the magnet is differently placed, outside of the sensor box?

How does this IMU read out if you turn the steering wheel and keep on driving? How do you calibrate the IMU to read zero degrees?

What would be the advantage of an IMU based sensor over a hall sensor? Certainly not price or simple setup.

Always interesting to see new ideas but I would always like to see more background and explanations.

For me, the installation is much simpler. There is no mechanical boundary to which max angle you can read. Not too much brainstorming.

The general idea is to use the tractor heading and the wheel heading and to use the difference in these two angles. It can be zeroed as the old WAS.

As we know the heading is stable when fused with GPS, both headings will be fused and then the steering angle will be calculated.

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