IMU connection

I’m working on my first vehicle setup and have been reading/watching what I can. I’m trying to figure out exactly what parts connections I need before ordering.

In the “Wiring Diagram” post, it shows the GPS, PCB, IMU, and Machine Board all plugging into a hub that plugs into the tablet. The pictures below that all seem to show the IMU being soldered directly to the PCB in various configurations. Could I connect a BNO085 (or CMPS14) to a PCA9615 and then plug that into the hub, removing the need to attach it to the PCB? Would that also allow me to move it as far away from the PCB as a want? It mentions the PCB box being an non-ideal location for it.

Thanks in advance.

I have the Chinese Aliexpress BNO085 taped to the the top of the opto isolators on the board without issue. It seems pretty stable.

If its your first build try just building a V2 or kapoui board with ethernet for UDP.

Once you have a v5.5 stable setup built and running then customization or trying the latest development releases becomes much easier.

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I’m not exactly certain how the BNO085 is connected into the system. I see pictures to connect it to a nano which is then connected to the Kaupoi board and also one that seem to connect it to the Kaupoi with an ic2 extender. Are these the options you’re talking about or is yours taped to the board but connected in a different way?

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On the V2 board Used wire to adapt from i2c connections in the dog2 area and used gnd and 3.3v supply from the same area to the Ali bno card.

Kapoui would be similar just like the posted diagram.

Then used double sided tape to stick it to the board in a better location.

Will have to get back to a pc for a picture, site will not auto resize from phone.

Remote mounting is only really needed if your cab has a suspension system, or if you cannot get a flat spot for the box in the cab.

I2c is a common bus so connecting to any sda scl labelled lines will do the trick. Just be careful of imu voltage requirement.

I think remote mounting is also more important with the cmps than with the bno085 as it uses the compass which is susceptible to interference.

Many of us use the cmps with a separate nano. I use USB from there to the computer, no connection to the pcb.