IMU, Section Control, and Auto Steer off of one Arduino?

Hello Everyone,

I have spent hours pouring through various conversations and haven’t found a exact answer, but I was curious has anyone run section controls, auto steer and the IMU on one Arduino board vrs needing to connect 3 different USBs to the central computer?

I have been putting together a hardware package for my unit, I have been looking at the lattepanda single board computers for my build, and it has an integrated Arduino on it. I thought it would be a great option for this application. I think, the board on it is a duo. I was curious if someone has the code/a guide on doing all this from one board.

any advice of where to begin would be great.


You probably would want any of the AIO boards that use UDP instead of usb. They do the steer and IMU all in one plus there are 3 pins broken out to the ampseal that can run section control. UDP is really the way to go.

That is the interesting, which pins? I haven’t been able to find it in the latest Teensy ino file. If you could point it out would be great. I am guessing one of those could be used for auto lift.

There are 3 of the teensy pins brought out to the ampseal, pins A12, A13, and A14. This function isn’t in the main firmware but must be added. Someone while back did modify it to work for auto lift a while ago though. The real beauty of UDP is how flexible it is, since any device on the network can send and receive the PGN’s that means that any module can pick up the section control data and activate relays.

I need to do some more digging, I’m not sure how the latte panda arduino board is integrated. I haven’t ordered it yet, all i know it is integrated into the board. If you haven’t seen it yet, here is the link.

I was hoping that i could purchase this and run everything from the one board.

That looks like a very interesting board. You could probably get it to work. The arduino on the board is only a ATMEGA32U4 so you don’t have the power of a teensy but you have a few other peripherals that would do all the heavy lifting. You have a serial port, one i2c and a usb in the back that could be used to connect to an F9P and IMU. Then the arduino could run the steering part, but you are probably going to have to modify AOG to use those peripherals as they are not a part of the arduino.

I pulled the trigger today on the Latte Panda board, we will see how it goes. I paid the extra so it comes with a genuine windows 10 license. I’ll be honest, even it doesn’t work AOG, i have several other projects it would be good for, as it is much more powerful than a raspberry pi, and has a chip meant for windows. I’ll report back on if i’m successful. I have two ardusimple boards on their way as well as the antennas for GPS and the xbee radio transceivers.


I have reviewed lattepanda a lot. 10 inch touch screen and powerful card. cost more than a standard Windows tablet computer.