Include autosteer on a preinstalled T7.210 New holland


I would like to install an autosteering on a new holland t7.210. This tractor has got a “pre-installed autosteering”

I was wondering sevaral things about this : what are the differents parts of the system which is presented on the wiki are pre-installed on this ?

I don’t know if somebody could ask me (but i hope).

(i think that there is a pre-installed WAS and hydraulic steering, but I don’t know if there is an inclinometer on it ?).

Where could I connect the different parts which are include on the tractor (does there are a special plug for the hydraulic autosteer and the W.A.S in the cabin/ under the hood?).

If I need to buy an inclinometer does I only need the DOGS2 or the BNO055+MMA8452 ? does I need to add the ADS1115 on one of the two systems which are proposed ?

My project is to make it with a RTK precision (There is an excellent tutoriel on how to make a RTK station in my language).

I’m french, sorry for the bad english (if you’re fench, ask me in french, it will be easier).

Have a nice day


Does this look like the parts you have on the tractor (maybe on top of engine)

The NAVI GPS connector (number X-716 with 40 holes) is under the “tool” shelf at your left side in the cabin near rear window.

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On a NAVI or NAVII setup, the inclinometer and terrain compensation is done internally to the controller. The GPS is just GPS with no terrain compensation (albeit over canbus and proprietary TSIP serial communication protocol), although all trimble units can output NMEA sentences on serial.

Actually I am going to use AOG and PCB v2, on a NH T6. 175 with preinstalled autosteer valve and wiring. (the cut off relays are clicking and giving 12 v to connector X716 when the autosteer switch is shifted). Everything can be connected at the 40 pin X716 connector, except what they call a dump valve (Y-044 Auto Guidance Dump Solenoid) .The 3 solenoids are 12 V (2 proportional and 1 dump) WAS and pressure transducer are 5V.
As far as I can see the funktion of dump valve is to open for pressure to proportional valve.
Dump valve is controlled from Transmission ECU by wire 3168, the other wire 3169 to dump valve, is connected to GND
So plan is to isolate 3168 from Trans ECU, and instead control it from pcb v2 via a relay.
If and when I succeed in this (during this winter) I will post :slight_smile:


By the way my comment about the NAVI terrain compensation was in answer to the original poster’s question.

Definitely keen to read the details when you’ve got AOG working with your T7.210.

@torriem I have a full New Holland System in my T7 using Nav II and 372 receiver on rtk accuracy. My issue is the 700 euros cost per year for the correction to sub 2.5cm accuracy. Do you know is it possible to use another model of receiver and a base? Such as Reach rs2 or F9P? I have seen the threads about using f9p as base for Trimble by injecting 1008 message but I am not good enough with computer to make it work unless I have step by step guide. Can you help?

The NAV II controller requires a Trimble receiver that communicates over CAN bus and also a proprietary protocol called TSIP on RS232. I’m sure one could figure out what PGNs are needed and the TSIP protocol is documented so theoretically you could use an ESP32 to interface between an F9P and the NAV II controller, to fake it into thinking it has a Trimble receiver attached.

You can use an F9P as a base station for the Trimble receivers. That’s what I use for my Trimble receiver. I wrote about this on the combine forum. How to use ZED-F9P as a base station for Trimble | The Combine Forum. It requires at least an arduino to inject the 1008 messages into the RTCMv3 message stream. The folks at make a base station firmware for an ESP32 board that can do this also.