Individual headland

I’ve been trying to customize my headlands for a long time. Unfortunately I can’t do this in the menu. It becomes very inaccurate at the corners.

Since I have fairly small areas, I only have a headland on two sides of the field. The situation is similar with misshapen field pieces.

It would be helpful to have a function that would allow you to select the corresponding field boundary where a headland should be created. Based on this, the distance (field boundary and field interior) could then be defined.
An import from data from QGis or GE would be just as good.
If i do no know the funktion, please give mi a hint. Thanks.

This would make work easier when planting vegetables etc. as the hydraulics can lift and lower automatically.

Perhaps this is a “problem” especially in Europe. I would be interested to know what others think about it.

Here are some pictures what i am thinking about:

In this field, the blue area (field edges) would of course belong to the green area (field center).

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We are working on a new version, very close to its launch, and in this all your problems are solved. :wink:


Great! :+1: :blush:

Tramlines have been greatly improved since version 5.8.3.
Maybe you can integrate a tramline creator based on AB lines/curves in the new version. :+1:

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No time, really close launch date :wink: maybe hours lol


No problem! Just a suggestion for a future version. Please keep it in mind.