Inner Boundaries contour lines

Is there a way to make a contour line around an inner boundary?

Have a pot hole in the middle of the field, built a boundary around it, but cant figure out how to build a contour.

Yes just drive beside it, press “make contour from boundary”, then press contour boundary, start driving forward the magic line should appear, then press lock to boundary.

Ive had 50/50 luck with it, it either works 100% or it does a pass and goes goofy transitioning to the next line.

Yeh thought maybe there was a way to make the contour pass without driving it like you can with the outer boundary. Alas, getting pretty picky now lol.

Ps those videos are sweet. LOVE the gear, might have to investigate that for mine.

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Any idea why the contour would be so random? My boundary is set to non driveable and the contour is dragging me inside. Is there settings or something I might have wrong?

I have a second video uploading now, but it’s also only following the boundary when the tool is set to off both manual and automatic. soon as it is engaged it stops following the contour.

I think your video is set to private?

But from the still photo I notice a few things.
There is a button that looks like a brass padlock, as soon as your on the pink snaking line press that and it will flash locked. much better performance

Your inner slough has a hard 90 outer turn to a hard 135 inner turn, It will not like that try to keep boundaries kinda smooth.

As soon as a boundary turn is 90 degree inner, its impossible, but you wont get much warning other than a disappearing pink line. This makes second and third headland pass tricky only in the corners

Ive only ever driven in boundaries so my segment length is much shorter and smoother. But end recordings a few meters early bowties are like black holes.

Is your boundary 100% closed?

Ive seen the green dots show up all over the place, just go with it.

This feature I have found works well once you are aware of limitations, and have smooth boundaries.
Going around sloughs, is either euphorically great or if it does mess up its when it tries to transition out to the next line. This is a experimental program after all, and is not marketed in anyway for use in a real tractor.

This feature is best to try on non critical work first.