Install of Visual studio for AOG

Hi all,

I want to edit sorcecode to add shortcuts for some functions but VS dosn’t work (2019) so I want to download latest and when installing it asks what workloads to install. I think windows stuff and c++ that i selected but what is actually needed this is my first time trying to use VS my programing skills are 0.

Only intrested in this for now maybe in some far future try programing.

I installed the latest version end of last year. If I remember correctly, I took the standard settings. After installation, you have to clone the sources to your HDD. Double-click to the file “AgOpenGPS.sln” should run VS.

And if the forms can’t be edited then rebuild solution.
The programming guys helped me out with this one😉

Now it works but it published as setup I dont have other option on publish wizard and i guess it shoud not be a installer ?

What further configuration is required to full edit the Ago Source Code. I have installed Visual Studio 2022 Workload:.NET Desktop Development, but I’m not able to edit Forms (Form Designer), in debug mode variable list Auto/Local is empty, some .cs are not in the project list (except Form *.cs).

If you try to build it, it should give you a clue with missing dependencies or features.

I’m able to do code changes, built/rebuilt Agio and Agopengps Runtimes, no errors. Any idea, what is missing?

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Could you share a screenshot of Visual Studio with the AOG project open and the form you are trying to edit?

I only have the Game stuff for Unreal Engine

Ups, I missunterstood these stuff:
right click or double click <Form??.cs> to open the Form Designer (not <Form??.designer.cs>), watching and selecting variables only if a breakpoint added ! :wink: