Installation AgOpenGPS trouble win10

I can’t opening aog after installation
Anyone have the same problem?

Hi, try with an other pc…


I had a similar problem on several PCs because I had changed the display scale once reset the display to 100% no problem

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Hi. I’m tryed to do that and I have the same problem

Did you mean change resolution?

Hmmm, try a complete uninstall, delete the data in the folder appdata, search for everything wich is named agopengps an delete it.
Then reinstall, good luck!

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Ok thanks! Tomorrow I do that!

Thank you. Tomorrow I’ll do that!

I try it a many options but I can’t open AgOpenGPS. Me and my friend try to do in different notebook and we have the same problem “can’t open AgOpenGPS”.
If anyone have a different idea the what’s happening, tell us.

hi, I got the same Problem on my Chuwi Hi10x. For the first few days it worked as usual but suddenly it wouldn’t open anymore… I reinstalled AgOpen multiple Times - no difference. If anyone found a solution please share!

Delete the appdate AOG folder…I have had this happen a few times, for some reasons it just seems to corrupt or something, and no amount of re-installs will make it work without deleting it… then it works just fine again.

I installed AOG on Guest Account, and than it works!