Installation Panda + danfoss

Let me introduce myself, I am Mathieu, a French farmer. I have sight problems so I decided to mount a GPS on the tractor to be able to sow and hoe without breaking my crops.

I would like to do a PANDA type installation. I found a Danfoss hydraulic block to mount on my tractor, a class arion.

Has anyone ever fitted a Danfoss block? I am looking for plans or help to complete this project.

Thanks in advance.


Je me présente, je suis Mathieu, un agriculteur Français. J’ai des problèmes de vue et j’ai donc décidé de monter un GPS sur le tracteur pour pouvoir semer et biner sans casser mes cultures.

J’aimerai faire une installation type PANDA . J’ai trouvé un bloc hydraulique Danfoss pour monter sur mon tracteur, un class arion.

Quelqu’un à t’il déjà monter un bloc Danfoss? Je cherche des plans ou de l’aide pour réaliser ce projet.

Merci d’avance.


Danfoss, can be analog or CAN, both can be controlled by AgOpenGps.

Have you more detail about the valve? numbers on it?

Search for “Danfoss” on the forum

Danfoss, peuvent etre analogiques ou par CANbus, avez vous plus de details sur la valve?
Plusieurs montages Danfoss sur le forum, CAN et analogs

Bonjour Pat,

Ma valve DANFOSS est une vielle valve OV P20 montée normalement sur une ensileuse CLASS pour autoguider la coupe. Je te mets des photos en pièces jointes. J’espère que toi ou quelqu’un connait ce montage.

Hello Pat,

My DANFOSS valve is OV P20 an old valve normally mounted on a CLASS forage harvester to self-guide the cut. I am attaching photos for you. I hope you or someone knows this assembly.

From my experience of CLAAS that would be a on-off valve, not proportional. Claas have only started factory fitting proportional steering valve in the last few years. Can you say what model machine it’s off? Also first part of machine serial number ie. 181. These first numbers indicate what model machine it is. With that we can tell more about the valve.

I don’t know the part number of the forage harvester, the valve was on a shelf at my mechanic. If the valve is not proportional, I will not be able to use it with AGO?

Je ne connais pas la référence de l’ensileuse, la valve était sur une étagère chez mon mécanicien. Si la valve n’est pas proportionnelle, je ne vais pas réussir à l’utiliser avec AGO?

You will want to use a proportional valve. AOG was developed around proportional valves and steering motors (which are also proportional).

A non-proportional valve is sometimes called a bang-bang valve. With enough time and effort and little bits of custom code you could use a bang-bang valve with AOG, but it will never have the same performance as a proportional valve. You will never have a smooth U turn with a bang-bang valve. If a bang-bang valve was already piped into the machine maybe it would be worth trying it out.

Better find out for sure if the valve is proportional or bang-bang.

I also wonder since I only see 4 hose connections if the valve is open center? I don’t know the specifics of your tractor but you will probably need a closed center valve.

Seems to me the class has a responsive orbitrol so even if you manage to get this valve to work it will additionally require a 6*2 valve or a shuttle valve system the simplest if you don’t want to waste your time is to look here Hydraulic valve assemblies for Every tractor, for every type of hydraulic system and contact barracks Marek Jarczewski he has really affordable solutions