Installed a system but need help figuring out a communication issue

First of all my son is the brains behind this stuff so I might not get all of the info correct and don’t be afraid to dumb it down to my level. Hehe. We installed a system with a steering valve (I believe his handle on here is Bakari). We are using an AIO board, I believe V4, with an RTK radio installed. Communication between the screen and that board is through an Ethernet cable. We are supposed to be using a fgz1 as a monitor but the Ethernet adapter doesn’t seem to work on that tablet so I’m just trying to test it with a laptop. I don’t think there is any communication happening as I don’t think the gps signal is getting through.

The issue might be something else though so I’ll try to attach a pic of the board to show exactly what is installed and what leds are lit up.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I’ll also post a pic of the screen in case that helps.


After finding Brian’s video explaining internet protocols I understand a little bit more about what all those numbers mean. A big thank you to Brian! I think I now have the steering controller and the IMU talking to AGIO. In Brian’s video he had agopen on the list of devices hooked onto the network also but I didn’t see it on there and have no idea why or how to. I also can not find the GPS anywhere either to change the address or do whatever else I have to do.

Have you configured the F9P in u center?

Your ethernet needs a static IP that works with the steer module

No I didn’t do that. How do I do that or where would I find that info?

I think I changed it to have a static IP now. At least I think that’s what I did when I followed Brian’s video. One of the first steps was changing a setting from automatic to manual and then changing the other IP addresses to match. Or the subnets, I’m not that familiar with the terms yet.

Is that what you are talking about or is that something different?

Show us an update of this IP address screen in AoG.

You need to download U center from Ublox. Then go to GitHub for AgOpenGPS and follow the link to the AgOpenGPS boards repository and download and unpack it. Open up u center and connect to your receiver and upload the configuration file found in the F9P file in the boards file. Probably singleantennarover.txt

I’m not sure why the IMU address isn’t there. I think it was there before but I could be wrong. Both the IMU and the steer symbol are green.

I downloaded u-center after your last advice. I didn’t download the file you just said I should. I’ll try to do that in a few minutes. How can I connect the F9P to my laptop? I tried connecting to it through the usb c connector right beside it on the AIO board but I never saw any sign that there was any communication. Am I connecting it right or is there another way?

Did you indicate the comport correctly in the y-center? You need to go to the task manager on your computer and look at which port the F9P is connected to.

I didn’t go through the task manager. I read that I was supposed to find it in device manager but I could not find it. I’m using a usb to usb c cord so I assumed I would find it in the usb controllers menu but it’s not there. Or anywhere else as far as I can tell. How do I find it in task manager?

Edit to add: I have the AIO board with the F9P installed in the house with me so it isn’t powered other than through the usb c. I assumed it didn’t have to be. Is that the problem?

The usb ports on the AIO board don’t provide power. It will need 12v

Ok. That explains why it doesn’t show up! I’ll put it back on the combine and try again tomorrow. Thanks to both of you for the advice!

You have aio board with ONE internet connection, means one ip address. Then IMU and steer and GPS will appear with green icons, as you show above where you have green at both IMU and steer. What you miss is either to put antenna outside under open sky or set correct connection speed in F9P (the teensy will blink orange when f9p send correctly.)
Ip address by imu or GPS can appear whe all device are on their own internet adapter.

you can disconnect the zed f9p from the AIO board and try to make a usb cable to connect to individual pins to configure the zed-f9p

Sorry for troubling you again but I’ve never used GitHub before and I haven’t had any luck finding the file you are talking about. I found lots of threads/topics for agopen on the GitHub site but I haven’t found the one you mentioned or anything else I feel confident would be the right one. Am I supposed to find the link in agopen itself or do I look for it in GitHub?

You have a green light so your communication is good.

No GPS typically means no sky view or bad GPS configuration.

The F9P needs to be configured before use, that’s your case from what I see.

Check the GPS configuration here: