Installing a system with a Baraki valve on a JD 4250

Now that I see how well the first system is working I want to install a system with a Baraki valve on a couple of JD soundguard tractors, including a 4250. I have a few questions that I’ll list here.

As far as I can tell it would require a closed centre valve. Is that correct?

I was concerned that the engine compartment would be too hot but I’ve seen that other people have mounted those valves in engine compartments of other tractors so am I correct to assume it is fine to do so? Installing the Baraki valve on top of the engine would make for a very compact and tidy install on the tractor that would be virtually invisible. The design of the tractor makes it hard to route the hoses out of the engine compartment in a tidy fashion and the hoses would have to be a lot longer. The biggest issue I see with mounting it where I want to is that I would have to move it out of the way to change the air filter. That’s not a big concern as this tractor doesn’t see much dust anyways so it would be a once a year winter maintenance event. Has anyone had issues from the heat of being in the engine compartment or any advice to offer?

Also, a while back I came across 3 diagrams for plumbing in the 3 types of Baraki valves but after 2 days of searching I have been unable to find them again. Can anyone tell me where to find them?

I’ll post a pic of the engine compartment as well as the one screenshot I saved of the open centre plumbing diagram I have. I need the same diagram but of the closed centre style now.

This page has the plumbing diagrams you might be after

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The 4xxx models feature a servo system controlled by a gear pump connected to the steering wheel.

There may also be a typical orbitrol that controls the actuator. It is then a closed system without Ls. In the pressure line P, the pump maintains constant pressure, so the supply and drain are connected via tees. For this system I use a special valve with a 2-way compensator which helps in smooth control. We installed it on these tractors, it worked very well.

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Does the steer left and steer right flow go through your valve and then to the steer cylinders or are those lines tee’d in also? Do you have any pics or diagrams of which lines are the pressure, tank, left and right on the tractor?

Edit to add: I just realized that the pics you posted are likely an accurate representation of which lines are which for the steering but I’m not sure which are the correct lines for the supply from the pump and the drain back to the tank.

Also, is it OK to mount the valve in the engine compartment above the engine? If it is where did you install the valves?

Do you have a couple of the correct valves ready to ship?

So can you confirm that you have the steering system as shown in the diagrams above? If so, we need to carefully analyze how it works and find a good solution. Installing in the engine compartment is not a problem, you can do it. I have the valves readily available, but they are tested in the version with orbitrol, I think there were European versions of the 4xxx series that had the classic orbitrol installed.

I’ll do my best to figure out if it’s the above system. I’m in Canada and my dad bought this tractor new so I’d be very surprised if it isn’t a North American spec tractor.

Also, I’ve heard you mention “store”. Do you have an online store to purchase through and how do I get payment to you?

Thanks for the help!

As far as I can tell I have the system that you posted the pic of. At least all of the lines from the steering block to the steering motor seem to be the same.

What valve do I need? A closed centre valve or do I need something different?

I have to make a special valve. I already have an idea of what it should look like. The question is whether a pressure sensor is needed to disconnect it by moving the steering wheel? If we give up on it, the valve will be very simple and easy to connect, if there is a sensor, the block becomes more complicated. Do you think you could use a pulse encoder connected to the steering shaft to disconnect it?

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Did y’all ever get a system working on the 4250? I want to order valves for a 4230 & 4240 and need to know if it’s worked out before I do.