Integrating Aog in a new tractor

Hi Everyone,
What I would like to know is; if i were to buy a new tractor purely based on how easy it would be to integrate AOG through CANBUS, how would each brand rank?


From my own CANBUS point of view (and the ones I know of):

Massey/Valtra - pretty easy, may require 3rd party steering unlock if newer
Fendt - may require 3rd party steering unlock if newer
Case/NH - OK-ish
Claas - potential issues with CRC generation
John Deere - OMFG no


How much do these 3rd party steering unlocks cost? Roughly?

I believe Fendt is around £900, but that’s anecdotal.

And note, just because you’ve enabled 3rd party steering via unlock doesn’t mean AOG can automatically handle it. Claas CRC generation issue, for example…

Does anybody have any experience with Deutz?

Not yet, but I’m told same CANBUS set as MF

so if you were buying a new tractor how would you spec it out? Is it a good idea to order GPS ready? Or is it easier to mount a valve yourself?

MF autosteer ready is like 3K eur extra and comes with an isobus monitor that supposedly can accept nmea over serial :slight_smile:

Not sure if antenna cables etc are something we can reuse.

pved valve installation from factory is between 1-2k EUR so you’re much better with the full package

How to solve the issues with CRC generation in Claas tractor?

What about Kubota’s tractor? M7 m6?

I looked at an M7 at a recent farm show and it appeared to have a factory-installed PVES valve and wheel angle sensor (kingpin)?

What means claas crc generatin. Can someone give me example. Ty in advance

Go direct to the valve instead