Interactive BOM (very handy for assemly)

I’ve been using this interactive BOM plugin for assembling my boards for a long time and it is incredibly useful for assembly, it helps me quite a bit.


I can’t upload the HTML pages it generates so I’ll show the steps for doing it. I am happy to send the HTML files I’ve generated to someone if that means they get hosted somewhere for people to use.

You can use this for any board made in KiCAD or EAGLE, and some other tools as well, check out this wiki page.

First you’ll need to install kicad, and install the InteractiveHtmlBOM plugin.

Then, open KiCAD and open the project. If it’s an EAGLE project, do it like this:


You’ll have to open either the .brd or .sch file, it doesn’t matter which, and select a folder to save the kicad project in. I would recommend creating a new folder and naming it YourProjectName_kicad or something. Then it will open the schematic and PCB, select the PCB (PCBNew), and save the file first.
If you don’t save the PCB it’ll give you an error when you go to generate the BOM. Don’t worry, just close the error window, save the PCB, and try openning the BOM again.

Then you can just select the action button for the BOM, hit “okay” on the dialog that pops up and you should be redirected towards the IBOM web page.


EDIT: I did a little more digging in the wiki and found out it support python2 and some other programs as well, tweaked the post to reflect that info.