Interesting new SBC that would run AOG

I recently heard about the Rock pi X SBC which might be useful for some AOG use cases. It’s a full Intel Cherry Tree processor with a real UEFI bios capable of running Windows 10 comfortably or Linux. Has an Intel integrated graphics chipset that should be more than capable of AOG’s OpenGL requirements. It’s a form factor that’s nearly identical to the Raspberry Pi. Onboard HDMI, Ethernet, USB, and several UARTS on the Pi-compatible header. Also has soft power management built in so it can shut itself down from software (say based on a signal from a GPIO pin), and can do suspend as well (or hibernate with Windows). Does need a heat sink on the CPU though.

With the GPIO pins and the UARTs, it might be possible to run quite a bit of the Arduino stuff on the board as Windows programs. Some of the more real-time stuff like PID control maybe not. But could connect Arduino via UART.

A 4 GB RAM version with 128 GB storage capable of the latest Windows 10 runs about $100 USD.

While a tablet probably offers better convenience and utility, this board has real potential. Since it’s x86, could run Linux and run AOG under wine even.