Interference /line jumping

I have been finding whilst using gps auto steer the ab line will randomly rotate very quickly(not long enough to move tractor but twitches motor) seems to be interference as does the same without using motor just using lightbar. Pcb and motor has dedicated supply from battery. Doesn’t really effect the accuracy as seems very good just annoying that it’s flicks about sometimes. Has anyone come across this before?thanks

What compass, if any, are you using?

I don’t have a compass I don’t think?do you mean as in the fix I use point to point through gps. On rtk whilst tractor is moving the direction seems pretty stable but maybe I need something else?

What is your fix to fix Distance set under Heading in data Sources?

I changed it to 1.5 meters today. Was at 1m

So you solved the problem :slight_smile:
The max in fix fix is 4 meters, mine is set at 3 m, but of course that could be a disadvantage in curves.

I think it made a small difference,I will try moving it further to see if that helps. It’s just strange that these random glitches happen almost like something else is causing it. Tried moving the power wires away from the pcb and turning on and off things in the tractor but no change

What does your Hz numbers at top left of your screen say?
Like this?
10 Hz xx — the 10 show your Nmea setting in AOG and xx is how fast your computer run (under 20 is good)
Next line: Rtk (dgps) 10 Hz — here the Hz show the speed of signal from receiver on tractor. (some use 8 Hz)
I believe the Nmea setting and the incoming Hz from receiver should match.

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My nmea is 8
Rtk fix is 8
GGA is 20