Introduce myself, questions and plans for a newbie

hello everyone, let me introduce myself i am new to this forum, because i also switched to agOpen gps, i bought an almost ready-made set via and got excited about this via Jaap (the owner)

I have a tree nursery in the south of the Netherlands, and I mainly want to use the GPS for planting and harvesting activities, where the driving speed is approximately 100 meters per hour.
on the advice of Jaap I have now purchased a system with 2 receivers and rtk and built it on our tractor (case 895 2wd)
the build is now over and now between the activities we can play with the settings

last year we tried to work with a Cerea system, but because of the low speeds it caused more problems than the desired result, in short, nice if you only do tillage, but if you have to go slower than 250-300 mtr / hour, Cerea fails.

previously we have always driven with trimble EZ-guide lightbar, but that takes one or two passes

what do we want to do with ag-open?
in the first instance planting, and then lifting, if we like that, I might want more options, such as when the tractor is at the headland that there is a signal to turn off the tractor, or to lift 3 points. I think I can make it as extensive as I want.

for now I hope to read many good ideas and tips here, and if anyone comes near breda or antwerp (belgium), leave a message the coffee is always ready here


Ruud mouws


Looks like you want to get into a machine module.

Great to hear you are enjoying it. Everything is open and customizable by the user if they want to tinker with it.

I don`t know anything about programming codes etc.
i go slow and steady into the world of agOpen :wink:


Welkom op het forum :+1:

So, today we drove the first meters with Ag-Open GPS-RTK, it took some effort with a loose intermediate cable, but we left in the large Ag-Open world.

First impressions of driving with a double GPS receiver, excellent, both at speeds of 100 meters per hour and at 5 kilometers per hour, the system gives a calm steering pattern and straight lanes (+ / - 5 cm) we still have to go a bit fine tuning, because we want less than + / - 1 cm so that we can do more work with it

so far our update on how we are working with the system, thanks everyone for the information, tips and tricks on this forum and the interest


laid the ground today to start planting soon, then the system can prove itself, although I have been working on it a bit since January, I am quite confident that it will work as intended, because the working widths are not large and the speeds very low it has its quirks now and then, but I have that myself, and if I know I can prepare for that
such as working width is 1.43 mtr and when I get to the headland with row 54 (no of the A-B line) and I turn around and start the next pass it turns out that the system says I am in row 54, when I am actually on the line 55 row, it keeps driving straight and that’s what it started with

We are planting straight lines thanks AgOpenGPS!
we are now planting Italian poplars, these are a bit too big to plant with a planting machine, so they will be put in the trench and these trenches are 4 cm wide and driven straight, nice view