Iowa RTK Product/Mount Point Selection

First time setting up an RTK signal so apologies for the amateur question but I can not find any information for this part of setting up my signal. I finally got my modem working and set up with the Iowa CORS address broadcasting to my Trimble FM750 via USB Serial. My question is which of the Iowa products/ mount points should I be using? I typed in RTCM3_IMAX and it shows a working signal but I can’t think I got that lucky on the first try. It will be providing RTK to my Trimble FM750 for autosteer and output NMEA to my Pro 700 for the planter. Any help to this young inexperienced farmer is much appreciated. (Located SW Iowa)

I’m pretty sure @customfordfan was using the Iowa cors network. But I could be wrong…

Did you try RTCM 3.1 nearest?

I’m in sw Iowa also, and I’ve using RTCM3_IMAX on a agragps CRG receiver as well as an f9p.

is there any reason I couldn’t utilize the MSM_IMAX to have access to all satellites? just not sure what message formatting I can use or is best.