Is an overview documentation (drawing, document) of an auto steer setup available?


I am new here and trying to learn what and how AgopenGPS works. More specifically I wonder how this software connects to the steering mechanics of a tractor to steer it. Does it work by servos ? by electrical interface ? How does the steering mechanics work ?

I think an drawing shoing the principles from a high level overview would be useful for beginners. Does anyone has such a drawing/ioverview to present ?


I tried to give a short overview in English and German from the hardware point of view in my Git. But there’s noting about the AgOpenGPS software - so many improvement ongoing all the time… :smiley:

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Great effort, thank you very much.

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That really is excellent.


The videos are also very good as is the team behind it. I dropped out of the documentation group because it quickly became obvious that there was little I could offer, the team already had all of the skills required to produce high quality content.


I have provided a few PCBs to farmers in the U.K. and invariably get asked the same question:

“Is there a document that takes a new builder through all of the necessary steps in order?”

Answer: no.

I’m always happy to help out folks where I can, but right now a newcomer to AOG has no single place where they can go and get a good overview of all of the steps required to do a build. Vili, you know where the YouTube videos are, as do I, but I ask you, how does a new member learn about these?

GoRoNb’s is probably the most complete written tutorial that I have seen.m

Can these links be pinned somewhere?

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Cool autosteer DIY what is it ?
AgopenGPS ?
English ?
Yes need to translate to understand ?
How to make it?
really complicated no definitive way…

Google translate is your friend here…

AgOpenGPS itself comes with many languages

Google translate really is good today and I understand English. I was referring to my local community when they ask me about AOG.

You made really good explanation from now on I will refer them to it. If someone dosn’t know how to turn on translate probably will not do DIY autosteer.

I would like to sell off my extra boards but fear “you made it you fix it” mentality, and want to give them to someone that can make rest of AOG system without handholding.

If I didn’t want to help i wouldn’t be on this forum but I dont want to be “responsible” for someone system.

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Never knew all that was there. Very well put together

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