Is AOG able to start/stop?

Hi Everybody.
Anybody any idea if AOG would be able to somehow stop at a certain coordinate?
For example, stop every meter on an a-b line?


The tree planter should be capable of doing that.

Yes you output a signal to relay and take a action after that.

Tree planning works great and you can set any distance you like.

I Found treeplanting is a ?fork? of AOG v5? Does that work with AIO v4.5? or does that need AIO v2?

I added it in 5.7.2 but think it is not in the latest versions!

Maybe i can give it a try to add it in 6.3 version

I found this git repo, GitHub - KentStuff/AOG-Tree: Modified AgOpenGPS to layout Trees
Is that the one you are referring to? or you have your own fork?