Is it possible that the tablet connects usb automatically

is it possible that the tablet connects usb automatically. have a usb hub with an rj45 and a usb. every time I start up the tablet I have connection problems with the USB hub. If I take it out and put it back in it works fine. you have to do this every time you start the tablet. asked me if this could also be done via windows that the usb could be reconnected automatically

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Get one of these and run everything on ethernet.

do not have a usb c connection on the pannesonic. only a usb3.0 connection. now need a usb to rj45 and a usb for radio. but have to unplug and reconnect the usbhub every time at startup otherwise it just won’t work. then you need a USB port for the radio module

for what radio do you need usb ? and could you take a picture of the whole set ?

i use a lr xbee radio with this module to usb. MiniUSB Carrier Board for XBee Plugins for XBee radios - ArduSimple

guessing it’s connected to the ardusimple board to get RTK corrections from your home station ? if so, for what purpose do you need to have the MiniUSB Carrier Board connected via usb to the tablet ?

no its connecting to the tablet. in agio i use serieal ntrip

so you must have it connected ok … it seems to me that the usb hub is a problem from what I understood you have a problem always when you turn on the tablet as if windows does not detect that a usb hub and some devices are connected to it…

Hello everybody

I have exactly the same trouble. Yesterday I couldn’t work because the tablet just found 1 COM port. (And at least me, I need 2: 1 for steer and 1 for GPS) I think it has more relaction with Windows 10 than with AGIO but I’m not sure.
When I press the “check port” botton, I doesn’t happen anything.
Probably the best way for a long term fix up is changing to UDP…

thats right

or is there a way to connect the radio to the board? then i dont need the usb

there is a solution for xbee to be plugged into the ardusimple board but I don’t know what the settings must be, as for the usb HUB maybe this video will be helpfull USB keeps disconnecting and reconnecting on Windows 10 PC Fix - YouTube
USB devices may stop functioning correctly when multiple devices connected to the same USB hub go into selective suspend - Pomoc techniczna firmy Microsoft