Is it possible to further fine-tune my steering?

My question is simple: do you think it is possible to improve the guidance precision?
It’s an old tractor and there’s some play in the steering.
Here’s my current setup:

-not panda
-good WAS.

Thank for your answer !

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PANDA should help a fair bit, but getting the slack out of the steering would be first thing to do I’d say.

With original V2 with no Panda, on soft soil, I think you have it as good as it could get.

I plan to work on improving the steering mechanism, but for now, I won’t be delving into the PANDA assembly. I’ve decided to save that task for the upcoming winter. I want to express my gratitude to the developer community as the current outcome is already impressive! :star_struck:

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There’s an option… bare PANDA board, fit the Teensy, the BNO and the F9P to it… and that’s it. Power the Teensy over USB, it powers the other two.

Not a single component needed on the board if you’re sticking with USB.

PANDA only improve for rough terrain, it synchronize the antenna position with the roll at this moment.
On your picture it would not help since I think your roll is pretty stable.

If you want to improve it would probably be by reducing steering mechanism play.