Is it possible to set a planned wiggle woggle? Using to Bale

Pondering a thought, as you know when baling you will often work back and forth across the swath, to load the chamber evenly, I will often get into a muscle rhythm of just back and forth, and then pull to one side as directed by my monitor. Curious if anyone is using the system to bale and if so how you might have it set up. Thinking of 3 options of increasing difficulty:

  1. Make a curved AB line on the first straight pass, in theory this should then be very repeatable swath to swath. Swaying back and forth to make an even bale.
  2. Set the steering settings to force a wiggle and run a straight AB
  3. Holy Grail, pull bale monitor information into AOG to determine which side of the line to be on given the bale being built in the chamber.

If you want it to wiggle constantly over adjust look ahead

For repeatability just record a curvy ab and replay it.