Is Rtk connected?

Hello everyone,
I’m using a F9P on an Aio V4.5 board and configured the F9P like the wiki said.
I set up the client Ntrip and entered my caster information.

The problem is that the Rtk Led on the board is still red and I think I dont get the Rtk data.

Has anyone an idea where I made a mistake?

Could you post a picture of your agio settings

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And how far away is the base station?

Do you mean these settings?
I don’t know where the base station is, is there a way i can look that up?

I just has to be pretty close to you or you will never get a fix. I’m not familiar with the service you are using and having trouble translating the website but I’m sure there is a way. How did you know which mount point to use? Did they tell you when you signed up?

If you could also show the main page of agio with the right side expanded I could tell if you are actually getting messages or not.

Try an other host. For example:
host: “”,
port: 2101,
mountpoint: ‘Avular’
username: “”,
password: “test”,

If I understand the mount source table correct, the mounting point is 120 km away. Is this too far for AOG, because a friend bought a low budget rtk setup and uses the same mounting point.

On the AgIO page on the right side next to Found is a 0

When I use the Rtk2go test mount, the number next to Found: changes between 7 and 9, but the Rtk Led is still red

I dont know anytthing about the hardware. I’m only an agio developer.

I doubt you can get a fix that far away. It might go into float.

I dont know how the ZED-F9P works.
I use a Sparkfun NEO-M8T and Teltonika RUT240 router
The distance to a RTK2GO/Centipede station is 23 km.

My nearest Rtk2go base station is about 90 km away. I’ll try, if I can get a fix with it, otherwise I think I need to build a base station

2 points per million is often quoted for RTK. So 90 million centimetres (90km) away, you can expect around 18cm accuracy. Doesn’t always seem to work out that way, but it’s a rough rule of thumb.