Hi,I want to learn how to buy ISOBUS CAN gateway easily for my ISOBUS tractor? Which brand do you suggest to me ? Can you help me in this situtaion?

Metapi is a great little adapter, works well with SavvyCAN.

@nuryuceeee, what is your goal? ISOBUS is a series of protocols and software that runs on top of ordinary CAN. So any CAN gateway will work. But the question is, what software do you want to use with it? Are you just wanting to do reverse-engineering of various j1939 messages, or are you trying to do some kind of record-keeping like Climate Fieldview does with its ISOBUS puck?

I have agri machine which is CANBUS protocol ı want to entegre my Isobus tractor so ı want to canbus protocol to ısobus protocol for this ı wanto to use canbus gateway