JLCPCB errors - Check Points

I wanted to make sure everyone is double checking their Pcb boards before going too far. I noticed this over solder error on 1 of 5 of my boards.

I totally agree. Check everything you can. I soldered a power regulator on my Panda board EXACTLY LIKE THE PCB SHOWED TO. As an afterthought,pulled out all major components before powering up. Then tested voltage on the PCB. 12v everywhere!! I would have ruined a lot of components if I had blindly powered up the pcb

IIRC a while back JLCPCB assembled a bunch of boards incorrectly. A number of folks involved in an Ardusimple group-buy fried their F9P boards. Ardusimple did a bunch of “good will” warranty replacements. However, Ardusimple reduced the discount to the AOG community during the last group-buy citing the high number of warranty claims.

JLCPCB is usually the lowest bidder. They make 10’s of thousands of PCB’s per week. Despite their automated inspections, there are bound to be errors making it through the process. ALWAYS check the voltages on the sockets for very expensive components like F9P boards before inserting them regardless of who made the PCB.

Definitely check the boards. In your case that solder bridge wouldn’t have caused any issues but I have had a few with solder bridges on the regulators. Also incorrect polarity on the diodes and regulators. If you have a bench power supply set it to have a very low current, that way if there is a problem it will not do any serious damage.