JLCPCB missing TE Connectivity 776087-1

I am trying to order a board and JLC have everything in stock other than TE Connectivity 776087-1
Does anyone know if there is an alternative for this part?

But digikey and lot more have then in stock.

Try a google search.

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Hmm, I can get them but they look quite complex to solder. I have soldered before but this might be a bit too much for my amateur skills

This is the easied part of the whole pcb.


1-776087-1 shows 5 in stock. This is the gold coated pin version (776087-1 is tin coated pins). Its an extra $5/pc but they will solder it right in for you and all you have to do is manually edit the part number in your BOM and CPL files.

I’ll leave it up to you to compare the datasheets, but I believe C2997457 is a compatible part by a different manufacturer?

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It is even easier than that. You can go to order normally and when you get to the page with the list of parts and it tells you there are shortfalls. You can click on the search icon beside the part that is out of stock and search the for a replacement. You can then select it and they will use that part. No need to manually edit any files


Thanks for this, looking at the data sheet the pins of C2997457 look to be the same layout as the original.

Unfortunately the little Remote_LED, Steer_LED and Work_LED have since gone out of stock but I assume they will restock shortly.

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Looks like the 0603 blue LED C72041 19-217/BHC-ZL1M2RY/3T is out of stock at JLCPCB and discontinued at LCSC. And it looks like JLCPCB has not designated a basic component replacement yet. It may take a few days to sort that out. We’ll see if they come back in stock or designate a replacement.

In the meantime you could use substitute a different colour of LED.
C2290 white
C72043 green
The resistors are close enough.

JLCPCB tend to solder the Ampseal socket badly, usually very messy solder not flowing through or run down the legs in blobs, so a bonus when it’s out of stock.

It’s the easiest soldering job on the PCB, just give some extra heat to pins 4, 21 and 23 these are the grounds and the large traces suck up the heat.