John Deere 4555 AOG build

Just some progress on our second AOG build…Any questions feel free to ask

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Any questions? Well the box on the roof reads “front” but points backwards? :grin:

Is it the IMU, cannot really see the circuit board inside that box?

I like to read about any AOG success but neat installations attract even more. Good marketing for AOG.

Yes it is the IMU !! and last minute changes on the box position!!! I got to carried away with labels before we actually mounted it…

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It looks really good. I am assuming you build the bracket on the roof from scratch. What size is the box that holding the pcb and the ardusimple board? That is exactly was I am looking for, but have been working on everything else before trying to clean it up. I really like how clean the install looks.

Thanks! Yes the bracket was fabbed up but I’m sure one could find a bracket for these tractors pretty easily.

Box can be found cheap on Amazon
Ogrmar Plastic Dustproof IP65 Junction Box DIY Case Enclosure (9.1"x 6"x 3.5")

And the cable grommets as well

GiBot Cable Glands - 25 Pack Plastic Waterproof 3.5-13mm Cable Glands Joints Wire Protectors, PG 7/9/11/13.5/16, Black

Looks great!
If I would make any suggestions it would be to move the GPS farther ahead, In my (limited) experience the farther forward the GPS receiver it the easier it steers the tractor.

Also I might install a system on a old JD4450 and I’m wondering what your plan is on the steering motor? Did you just put a u bolt around the steer shaft to hold the bracket?

Yes 2 U bolts around the shaft down under the dash with a bracket to set the height for the motor to the gear. Ill try to get some pics up soon.

Good Deal. Thanks for the information. I have looked some but liked what you had better than anything I have found.

I can’t see the pics on this post any more. Any way you could repost them? I’d like to see what you did for this install because I’m trying to install AOG on a 4230.


Awesome! Thanks for re-posting. I’ve made quite a bit of progress on our 4230, but it’s always good to see what other people are doing in similar cabs.

Would you mind sharing your pics as well. I am always open to new ideas.

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