John Deere 6930

Got my John Deere 6930 and Agopengps working like a dream!

With limited knowledge of electronics or computers, but a lot of interest in the subject, and drive to get the job finished I have managed to setup up my own base station, and tractor to accurately auto steer.

It hasnt always been easy. When the connection between my tablet and autosteer borard kept dropping out, there were times where i could have thrown the towel in, but with help from guys on the forum, a rewire of my grounds, and throwing away the cheap usb hub. I got it all sorted!

When I use it tedding grass, or rowing up, it works absolutely spot on.

I must say the uturn feature with the ability to skip a pass makes turning grass so easy, I don’t need to touch the steering wheel for the majority of the day!!!

Only issues i have now are with the mower being offset to the right behind the tractor, it keeps skipping between AB lines, but i can live with it, as everything else is so great! I just centre the ab line each time.

My next steps are to swap my 3d printed steering wheel gear, for hydraulic steering, as i fancy a new challenge, and I think it will make it a more professional looking job!

Many thanks to @BrianTee_Admin for his development of AOG, best thing to hit farming since the tractor!

IMG_20200728_185552 IMG_20200728_183432


Hello! Congratulations! Can you tell me the type of usb hub? Thanks!

cut the plug off and wire it straight to the battery as it is 12v

Thanks! I have a problem charging the tablet, I hope this is a solution!

Is it not charging fast enough? I bought one of these
cut the end off and fitted a micro usb lead… charges my tablet like a mains charger. I use a dell venue pro 11 tablet.

My tablet is a surface go and I tried to use a 12v / 220v inverter but it didn’t work! Another charger will arrive tomorrow! I hope you will be good! If not then I will try to replace the usb hub!

Can’t you set a tool offset so that AoG adjusts your ab automatically?

Can you not just leave the AB Line in the middle? The line doesn’t have to be in the “right” place, and since you are always moving over 1 line width, just have the ab line for the middle of the tractor and not the tool. Have the tool without any offset.

Would that work?

Or make an tool half the width and just pick the right line. Full tool offset needs to be fixed, but it can be worked around, especially with skip

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I tried setting the tool width in the middle but I still came across the problem. Possibly because of the offset and change of direction.

tool is 3.3m
offset to the right,
from centre of tractor to furthest point right 3.65m.

We have to make breaks in the unapplied area, then work them out from there. driving on the applied area as much as possible, with standing grass to the right. If that makes sense?

I believe @darrenjlobb had the same issues when he used the same tool setup. Release v4.3.10 - Finally! - #39 by darrenjlobb

Cut all our grass for hay this time… this morning its raining, brilliant!! But I will try the half width you suggested Brian, when i next have it on. But if I have to re-centre the line for a few days a year, its no big deal, the software works perfectly!

So you put in offset at 2.00 m (center of tool) or?

I think I put offset at 3.65m centre of tractor to outside edge of tool. With you asking that question I guess my offset should be to centre of tool?

Hello Which is the negative pole? The gray stripes?IMG_20200825_194426

I think oposite grey is positive

but you can easily test after cut you have the schematic

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From memory the wire with the grey - - - - - - - is positive. You can test with a multimeter, to make sure.

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Thank you everyone

I had this exact problem when using offset implements, you line up / start driving the line, and AOG will just keep flipping between the lines either side of you, so you just end up driving left / right violently, I just got around it by 0 offset, and just driving like that, just means the bit left at the end of each cut isnt exactly right, but still much easier than driving by eye!